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All Important Website & Forum Announcements will be posted here
1 1 Welcome to our new Forum
by kewbzuk
Cube Giveaways
All Cube Giveaways will be announced here with full rules and terms
2 1 Valk 3 Power Giveaway - December 2017
by kewbzuk
Discount Codes & Coupons - - Members Only
How To's
All "How To" Posts - Such as How To Lube a Cube, How To Assemble a ShengShou Pyraminx etc...
6 2 How to get better at F2L
by ohlookabirdie
Puzzle Reviews
Reviews of different puzzles from forum members will be posted here - Share your views
55 7 Moyu Guoguan Yuexiao pro m
by kubzyDev27
Solution Guides
If you have a solution guide you have written or found and want to share it - Post it here
11 2 Solution guide for a megaminx?
by StellaUoluo
Widgets & Programs
Discuss any cool widgets or programs you know of or would like to find
48 2 What is your favourite timer?
by SarahTheTomboy
     Beginners Area
Quick Questions
Ask a short or quick question which can be answered in a few words here
89 12 Anyone going to Manchester Open?
by ADudeWhoLikesCubes
Cubing Help & Discussions
Do you need help with your cube or need to know something complex? Ask other forum members here
55 6 Improving F2L?
by SarahTheTomboy
If you're a beginner and want to share your story or let others know how you get into cubing then this is the place
30 5 Slowed down algorithms
by kubzyDev27
Solution Requests
Are you looking for a solution to a certain puzzle? Request it here
9 1 Let’s make a method
by StellaUoluo
     General Discussion
Algorithm Discussions
Discuss any algorithms here, tips on remembering them etc...
30 3 Any Easy F2L Algorithms?
by StellaUoluo
Blindsolve Discussion
Any blind-solving discussions should go here including tips, tricks, algorithms, guides etc...
7 3 New to blindsolving...
by StellaUoluo
Cubing Hardware
Here you can discuss puzzles, accessories timers and more...
50 6 DNM-37 Lube
by ohlookabirdie
Cube Modding & Shape Mods
All information related to modified cubes should go here including tutorials, guides, tools etc...
19 1 Valk mini
by Deansie
General Cubing Discussion
Talk about specific cubes, get feedback on a new puzzle you're looking at getting or any other cubing talk goes here
133 15 Your history in cubing to date
by Kazz
Local Cubing Groups
Find local cubing groups close to your home, cubing is better with friends
18 6 Any Greek cubers?
by StellaUoluo
Scrambles & Solves
Post Videos of your solves & times alogn with scrambles and more
13 1 Roux Reconstruction
by Billybobtail
Solve Videos
Post Your Cubing Videos Here
15 4 My tekkers lol
by Deansie
WCA Discussions
Let's discuss the WCA and all events here
2 1 Max Park Thanks 4 The Invite WR’s
by SarahTheTomboy
Anything else that belongs in the general cubing discussions thread that doesn't fit any other category above can be posted here
50 5 Well done TomSaigent
by Billybobtail
     Puzzle Room
2x2x2 Puzzles & Cubes
All 2x2 puzzle talk and discussions, all the time.
26 3 Best Method for 2x2?
by Billybobtail
3x3x3 Puzzles & Cubes
The perfect space for 3x3 talk. Nothing else, just 3x3 questions, answers and anything else relating to the 3x3.
12 2 Gan air - but wich one?
by Deansie
4x4x4 Puzzles & Cubes
All 4x4 puzzle talk and discussions should go here. Ask any 4x4 related questions and more.
15 2 Best Method?
by kubzyDev27
5x5x5 Puzzles & Cubes
Any 5x5 questions or discussions specific to the 5x5 cube should go here
1 1 How to freeslice edges
by JChambers13
6x6x6 Puzzles & Cubes
All 6x6 puzzle talk and discussions, all the time.
0 0 No posts
7x7x7 Puzzles & Cubes
All 7x7 twisty puzzle talk should go here, including puzzle discussions, shape modes and anything else 7x7 related
12 1 Yuxin Huanlong VS Qiyi Wuji
by SarahTheTomboy
8x8x8 Puzzles & Cubes
All 8x8 puzzle talk and discussions. From the ShengShou 8x8 to YuXin 8x8 and any others.
0 0 No posts
9x9x9-17x17 Puzzles & Cubes
All 9x9+ puzzle talk and discussions, all the time. 10x10, 11x11, 12x12 etc...
0 0 No posts
Megaminx Puzzles
Anything related to Megaminx puzzles should be posted/asked here
0 0 No posts
NxNxN Puzzles
Anything related to a puzzle that does not follow the standard grid structure should go here (2x2x4 etc...)
6 1 0×0×0 Hardest Cube Ever!!!!!
by Billybobtail
Pyraminx Puzzles
Anything related specifically to Pyraminx puzzles should be asked/posted here
9 2 Intuitive L4E
by meh...
Skewb Puzzles
Anything Related to Skewb puzzles or Skewb different variants of the Skewb should be posted/asked here
6 1 Fingertricks
by SarahTheTomboy
     Non-Cubing Related
Non-Cubing Discussions
Any discussions or questions non cubing related should be asked here
29 4 Finish the Sentence
by Billybobtail
Member Introductions
Just joined us? Introduce your self to the other members of the Kewbz community
80 11 Hey! Oh look, a birdie! :p
by ohlookabirdie
Website Help, Support & Suggestions
If you have any suggestions or criticisms with our website or forum please let us know here
73 17 Back in stock, not in stock
by ohlookabirdie
Anything else you could possibly want to know or ask that doesn't fit in any category above should be posted here
14 2 Fingers hurting
by Billybobtail

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